Terms & Conditions

Accounts and Payments
  1. Cut-off time to place/cancel/modify orders is 6pm previous day for lunch and 12pm same day for dinner.
  2. Please call us(9820223338) once to confirm, If we deliver in your area before placing the order.
  3. Minimum charge per meal is Rs 60 exclusive of delivery charge.
  4. Yummy Tiffins reserves the right to cancel/modify the meals. However, we will try to inform you in advance about the same.
  5. Yummy Tiffins reserves the right to discontinue the tiffin service of any customer.
  6. Additional, 5% GST will be levied on Order Value. It will be applicable on total order value excluding delivery.
Tiffin delivery
  1. Tiffins will be delivered by dabbawalas of Mumbai or other concierge services.
  2. Delivery charges for lunch and dinner between Malad to Churchgate: Rs 25 to 30 per order.
  3. Necessary arrangements for delivery have to be made by the customer at the delivery point. In most cases, the dabbawalas are not allowed to enter the building premises.
  4. Kindly check booking history tab to check exact dates of your booked orders.
  5. Meals will be delivered between 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm for lunch.
  6. There will be no lunch delivery on Sundays, Public holidays, heavy rains, riots, or in case of natural disasters, strike by dabbawalas.
  7. If the food is cooked and due to some circumstances beyond our control like heavy rains or riots, the tiffin will be shared with the underprivileged children and the amount will be non-refundable.
  8. Any discrepancies or complaints related to tiffin delivery will not be entertained by Yummy Tiffins. Delivery service is a personal contract between the dabbawalas/ concierge services and you. We merely collect delivery charge on their behalf.